Multi-Purpose Firewood

Multi-Purpose Firewood

Bundled FirewoodPallet of Firewood

Bundles are $5.00 each or by the pallet for $120.00
Our bundles of firewood is 4"x4" blocks 16" long.
There are NINE pieces per bundle, banded with a plastic strap.
A pallet is made up of 30 bundles, 9 pieces per bundle, and weighs approximately 1000 lbs. (The pallets need to be ordered in advance if possible.)

Crate full of Firewood
A crate full is (weighed by the pound) x .05 cents a pound.
This wood is the leftovers from cutting the bundled lengths, it is not banded!
For Example: Cost of this crate of firewood full of remnants is $44.00

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