The Sides of Dismantled Crates

The Sides of Dismantled Crates "Crate Walls"

Stacked Side PanelsWood Panels for SkirtingWood Panels for SkirtingHomemade BoardwalkClose-up look

$3.00 each
63"x30" and 78"x30" Smaller "End Walls" are $2.00 each.
These can be attached together and used for fences, walkways, and many other purposes. (as seen in photo) I used them for my underpinning/skirting, and attached foam board insulation to each panel. Then, attached them together so that nothing had to be inserted into our 5th wheel rig. I also constructed an insulated storage room under the 5th wheel hitch with one panel used as the door. Also great for chicken coops, gardening, etc...

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